Health and Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of all we do and the school is proactive and compassionate in every part of its structure; from the tutor system to the chaplaincy, the health centre to the co-curricular schedule.  Our catering staff further enhance wellbeing, providing the school with nutritiously balanced, home-cooked food at mealtimes.

We teach our pupils about the growth mindset and remaining solution-focused. Developing resilience is at the heart of what we do at St Marys.  Why? Because it allows our students to thrive.  Studies show they can achieve 14-17% higher grades if they have confidence, persistence and positive mental wellbeing.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Health and Wellbeing 1

The school takes a proactive rather than a reactive approach, knowing that the demands of a modern, global society are putting pressure on our young people.  We instil in the girls a sense of adventure and a firm knowledge that they can fulfil their dreams; we provide them with interesting, challenging co-curricular activities and opportunities to pursue their passions and learn from their failures.

There is an excellent Health Centre on site with nurse cover at all hours, a visiting GP and access to specialists in physiotherapy, nutrition and counselling.

A strong House system, a family atmosphere, support for parents and investment in an on-site wellbeing centre all contribute to the leadership team’s robust vision for St Mary’s that the school should not be just a place of academic excellence, but also one which nurtures characteristics which bring a lifetime of success.