We aim to give all our girls a love of sport and to set them on the path of life-long physical activity.  What this means is different for each girl.  Whether they have a passion or unique talent in a particular discipline, excel across the board, or are unsure of where their abilities lie and want to be able to try out a range of different activities, we provide a tailored experience for each pupil.

We push those who have the potential to excel and have a thriving Elite Athlete programme which gives girls access to the pathways to sporting success. Specialised coaching is available in all fields, and the school has invested in highly qualified, professional and motivated staff in order to make the most of all girls’ talents.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Sport 2

Opportunities abound for competing against not only other schools but also at county and national level.  All girls take part in sport for a minimum of two afternoons each week and the majority are involved in matches during a third afternoon.  Success outside the classroom, and the experience of playing as part of a team, develop the confidence to deal with challenges inside the classroom.

There are also elite dancers in the school whose specialised training is accommodated within the normal school timetable.  Their presence means that all are exposed to the athleticism of dance and movement and is a real asset to the school community.

Our catering department’s excellent provision allows us to optimise the diet of athletes and dancers, which in turn helps the whole school community, pupils and staff, be on top form.