Higher Education and Careers

At St Mary’s we are as ambitious about the girls’ futures as they are. Our ethos is to focus on the individual; we will support each and every student with their next step to help them realise their hopes and dreams.

With access to the correct information and advice, our students make informed decisions and choices so that they can embark on their futures with confidence and not trepidation. Our students leave St Mary’s feeling empowered and excited about what lies ahead because they know that they have explored every option and decided on the one that best suits them.

St Mary's Shaftesbury-Higher Education and Careers 2

Our staff ensure that the Sixth Form girls have the opportunity to attend university fairs and visit universities of interest. We hold a careers event here at school and mock interview training as well as providing career mentoring and networking through our extensive alumnae database, our past and current parents and local businesses.

Whether a student wishes to join our Oxbridge applicants or audition for specialist dance training, all their needs will be met and they will be supported in whatever higher education or careers decisions they make.